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Treasure hunt Prague game Charles Bridge


A fun interactive quiz where the energy of the Charles bridge will absorb you. The stone statues with their historical aura will stimulate your curiosity and competitiveness.

The interactive quiz game.

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From only 10€ per person.

Treasure hunt Prague game Holy Gral


Explore the corners of the Lesser Side and see if you can discover the essence of the relic that is the Elixir of Life and the Philosopher's Stone?

The interactive outdoor game.

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From only €12 per person.

Venkovní úniková hra Císařovo zlato


Take yourself back to the time of Emperor Rudolf II and when Prague Castle was full of alchemists and astronomers. Discover and crack the secret codes that lead to recipes for gold extraction.

New interactive outdoor game.

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Outdoor escape games

Outdoor escape games are among the most fun outings and activities. Experience an outdoor adventure and explore the charming places of Prague as you walk through the old town.

Exploring the city

Enjoy self-guided city exploration games, communicate via mobile in online chat. Discover the fascinating history and attractions of Prague while solving clues in the city centre.

Walking tour with fun quiz

Puzzles and knowledge quizzes are the best way to remember the experience of visiting the city.
A tour, for example of the Charles Bridge, with an online knowledge quiz is an attractive way of learning about history. Sightseeing has never been so much fun.

Scavenger hunt | Treasure hunt

During the game you have to collect the right puzzle pieces, using your creativity and logical thinking. You will definitely use these skills in the Holy Grail game. Similar to a treasure hunt, you follow a series of clues during your journey in order to discover new places and objects. These will lead you to your destination in a specific order. We recommend playing in small teams, or you can also play as individuals.

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