A fun way to discover the beautiful and mysterious places of the Lesser Town.

You play simply via WhatsApp chat.

Play from just € 11.50 per person

Draws you

into the action

According to several legends, the Holy Grail was found in the twelfth century in the ruins of Solomon's Temple by the Knights Templar.

After their demise, this secret was passed down among the ancient Grand Masters and finally hidden in the very centre of the world, in the city of Prague.

Find the clues, try to understand their connections and discover the surprising secret of the Holy Grail in the streets of the Lesser Town.

Will you be able to discover the essence of the relic that is the elixir of life and the philosopher's stone?

Specification of the game Holy Grail

Team size

One team
can play the game
on up to 4 phones


In every phone you can play in the selected language EN or CZ


The game length is approx. 3,6 km and you can handle it in 2 - 2,5 hours


15 locations
and tricky tasks
on the route


The starting point is in Lesser Town
in the beautiful park VOJANOVY SADY

One team of 4 people only for

1 190 CZK

The team of 4 persons will pay only €49 ( €12 / person ).

Game communicator

WhatsApp application

You just need to have the WhatsApp app installed on your phone, through which all in-game communication takes place. Remember that your phone should be well charged.

Game beginning

After registering and paying for the game, you will receive an email with instructions, phone number, time and location of the start. So the first task of your team will be to be at the right place at the right time.

Game start

On the spot, just paste the phone number you received into WhatsApp. You choose which language you want to play in. Then enter your Booking number and PIN. And the first question can begin.



hodnocení 5 hvězdiček

Breathtaking places

This is the most exciting way to see the sights, plus discover absolutely breathtaking places!
I really enjoyed it with a team of 6 players, we all have absolutely unforgettable experiences so I believe it's worth every penny.

Green P.  (27)

hodnocení 5 hvězdiček

Cool teambulding.

Today we had a great time with the company - in total we played with about 20 people, 4 teams. I've never been to a uni game before and I have to say that it's not only good as a game for a group of friends, but also as a teambuilding. I was quite scared that I wouldn't know something, but someone always came up with something and when we went the wrong way a hint came. It was really fun thank you.

O. B. (31)

hodnocení 5 hvězdiček

I recommend it.

An amazing new way to explore the beautiful places in the Lesser Town! 🙂 You can either play for time, or enjoy the many possible breaks during the game and have a coffee or beer on the way 🙂 We will definitely recommend the game to friends and I immediately bought a gift voucher for my family as well 🙂

Thomas N. (38)

city game - cat

Game system

The game is prepared in detail for your team. It will take you to the mysterious garden in Mala Strana, where the whole story will begin to unfold. You have to keep your eyes peeled, orient yourself well and engage your logic and imagination correctly. You will follow the clues, look for the right route and answer the game communicator via WhatsApp.

Can you find the right answers to the game's questions?

You can compete against other teams for a better time, or just enjoy a fun and adventurous journey through the city together.

Questions and Answers

1. Where does the game start ?

The game Holy Grail starts in park VOJANOVY SADY. The entrance address is U luzickeho seminare 110/40. You will receive the precise instructions after registration.

2. When can I start playing ?

You can start playing the game within 15 minutes of paying for your reservation. You can choose to start the game at any time within 60 minutes of the time you have selected for your online booking.

3. How many people can play in one group ?

One game can be played on up to four mobile phones simultaneously. One team can therefore consist of up to 4 players. Players can work together and confer on the correct answers. Or, on the other hand, each answer for themselves and see who was the most skilful in the end. If your group is larger, we recommend to form more teams and order more games.

4. Is it possible to pause the game during the game?

During each game you can choose 2 breaks where the timer stops for 15 minutes - just send a text in the form of "break". The game communicator will simply wait for your response or the game will restart after 15 minutes. You can take a breather this way when you wander into nice shops, cafes or restaurants.

5. Even if I have no prior knowledge, will I be able to play?

It doesn't depend on historical knowledge or the local history of the area. And whether you're visiting for the first time or have lived here for years. The game gives everyone an equal chance. All the answers are hidden around you. We also recommend that you always read the assignment very well.

6. What language is the game in?

You can choose to communicate with the game in English right at the start of the game.

7. If I register more than one team for the same hour, won't they interfere with each other on the route?

Don't worry about it. Each team moves at a different speed, and when individuals or teams start a few minutes apart, they may clash at certain points, but it's certainly not a hindrance to the game. On the other hand, each interaction with a different player or team adds adrenaline to the next move 🙂

8. Will my phone work?

Mobile data and the WhatsApp app installed are the only conditions for this to work. Make sure your phone has mobile data activated for the Czech Republic.

9. How much will it cost me to play the game?

If you have a mobile data package on your mobile phone, you will be able to interact with the game for free. The mobile data volume for the game is no more then 20 Mb.

10. What phone number should I use to start the game?

After ordering the game, you will receive simple instructions. Use the QR code to join the WhatsApp conversation. Or enter the phone number you received for the game directly into the WhatsApp app.

11. How long does the game take to return an answer?

You will always get an answer immediately or within a few seconds, depending on the game settings.

12. Is the game suitable for children?

City Games are fun for those who like a challenge, want to exercise their observation and know how to use a mobile phone. Children who can already read, from the age of 7, can join in. Younger children are recommended as an accompaniment.

13. How do I pay?

Simply send payment after ordering the game, online through a payment gateway, by credit card.