Stop sightseeing
go treasure hunt!

City game adventure

What if you turn your Prague\'s experience into great scavenger city game? Treasure hunt and escape outdoor game were never more such a fun.

We hide and
build your game

city game - kanal

Prague is full of mysteries. We know them all so we build for you an adventure full of puzzles and hints to go trough the best of Prague\'s historical city.

You seek for clues
and solve puzzles

city game - cat

Walk or run through Prague so you see sightseeings and have fun solving puzzles and finding your way through the game.

city game - tycho

\"Sightseeing is dead! City hunting
and alchemy always rock.\"

1592, Tycho Brahe
danish astronomer & alchemist


Pick up the outdoor hunting game according to the legend. The adventure full of puzzles and hints to go trough the best of Prague’s historical city.

Want to check these statues in real ? 

Play the unique interative game quiz

on Charles Bridge.